Fantastic new chair combines vintage kilim and distressed leather for a look that’s rugged and unique.

Sometimes things come together in a blend of texture and color, resulting in a piece that’s unique, stylish and sophisticated. Such is the case with the new Duke Chair at Anteks. We can see ourselves sitting comfortably in this chair, probably in front of a fireplace, with a good book (or strong drink) in hand! This oversized lounger is covered on the outside with a vintage kilim, showing colors that range from reds and blues to some light tan and bits of green. The inside is covered in a lightly distressed leather. The marriage of the two is perfection. The chair has significant proportions, 48″ tall and 33″ wide, with a deep and comfortable seat… We love it! It would be at home in a ranch, a lodge or a cabin, but it would also work in a well-appointed “Ralph Lauren” library right here in the city.

About Anteks

Anteks started in 1985 as a small shop with various collectibles and pieces of unique furniture. Today, Antèks is a nationally recognized retailer with its flagship store in Dallas. We have become known as the leader in sophisticated, upscale western rustic lodge home furnishings.
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