Monthly Archives: June 2015

Taxidermy Today

From Vanity Fair to the Huffington Post, taxidermy designs are becoming quite the hot topic again. We read that “Long associated with hunting lodges and ski cabins, taxidermy is increasingly popping up in surprising new places. From hipster bars in New York and Seattle to palatial Hollywood homes and Dallas-area mansions, a mounted antelope head or a zebra-skin rug is seemingly all the rage. “ At Anteks and Anteks Curated we have quite the selection for all types of animal … read more

Interior Color Designs | Let Antèks Add a Little Color to your Life

Anteks and Anteks Curated, offer such a beautiful variety of new and vintage items.  These items have the ability to inspire you and be a wonderful conversation piece for the people you bring around them. If you are looking for something to liven up your space, look no further than Anteks! Interior color designs play an important role in the identity of your home or office space. Colors can make us feel happy or sad.  They can make us feel … read more

A Very Pendleton Summer

Whether you are relaxing in a cabin, glamping outside, surfing the waves, setting off for adventure in your airstream, or just getting away for the weekend, let Pendleton Designs be by your side. Anteks and Anteks Curated are the number 1 Dallas retailer of ALL your Pendleton needs. Anteks carries a vast selection of Pendleton blankets and Anteks Curated has Pendleton blankets, towels, travel bags and so much more. We even carry Pendleton candles! Let Pendleton inspire you!

A Gift for Her

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, Anteks and Anteks Curated should be your go-to shops for Mother’s Day gift ideas! Even without an occasion, we offer beautiful, high quality goods for the special women in your life. Pendleton blankets aside, which always make a lovely gift, we have a few ideas that are sure to brighten up anyone’s day. Anteks offers this stunning stand, great for cookbooks, coffee table books, or an iPad. It is fashioned from 19th Century Timber, salvaged … read more