Iron Bed with Great Pillows

Call for Price

We designed this iron bed with the intent of making something durable and classic, but with some contemporary styling. The bed is very solid and comes in all sizes. Pictured here is a queen. It’s made right here in Dallas. The tote is fantastic, as is the throw at the foot of the bed. The pillows we’re displaying here are a mix of textures and colors and we especially love the round feather pillow. It’s unexpected and gives the whole thing a playful feel. All of these pieces are available for purchase, just send us a note with the inquiry button and we’ll respond right away. Here are some prices:

Bed $2869

Tote $495

Throw $269

Coverlet $489

Shams $129

Round Pillow $239

Plaid Pillow $269

Aztec pillow $250


Iron bed with great pillows

Iron bed with great pillows