5 Ways To Incorporate Rustic Mirrors Into Your Home in 2019

It probably goes without saying that rustic mirrors or any mirrors are for far more than morning shaves and straightening of the tie. If used wisely, a mirror not only adds depth and opens up space, but also serves as the linchpin for a room’s décor.

When it comes to a rustic style, mirrors can be your best friend. But, getting the look that’s right for your home takes a bit of research. To make it easier on you, we’ve put together some tips for incorporating rustic mirrors into your design.

What Is Considered Rustic?

First things first, let’s talk about the meaning of rustic. We often discuss what makes something rustic versus western because people use the terms interchangeably. In actuality, the two aren’t necessarily the same. Rustic design is about bringing nature and the outdoors into a living space. A western style is meant to evoke visions of the American wild west.

Simply put, rustic designs utilize neutral colors, woods, and stones to create a warm atmosphere (think cozy cabin or lodge). A western design also uses warm elements, but it integrates pops of yellows, oranges, reds (think desert sunset). But, this isn’t to say you should pick one over the other. In fact, there’s a crossover between the two styles. For instance, rustic furniture and accessories often go well with a western theme.

Now that we’ve got all that settled, let’s get down to the brass tacks of how to properly harness the power of mirrors.

1. Rustic Mirrors in the Bathroom

This isn’t the first time we’ve discussed using rustic mirrors in the bathroom. The fact of the matter is you don’t always get a unique bathroom mirror when you purchase a home. Sure, it’s functional, but it doesn’t add to the décor.

Bathrooms tend to feel a little small, cold, and sterile; however, with the right rustic mirror, you can create a sense of more space as well as a welcoming ambiance.

Just remember to get accurate measurements, and don’t choose a mirror that looks too big or small. Moreover, try to ensure the piece complements any decorations and the artwork you’ve chosen. If it doesn’t look or feel right to you, it’s not the right mirror.

2. Living Room

For most homeowners, the living room is the biggest area of the house. This means there’s plenty of space to work with. Your first inkling may be to fill the walls with artwork and knickknacks. This is okay, but don’t overdo it. To fill an empty wall and give it a more balanced look, try using large rustic mirrors that are framed.

Also, if you have a fireplace in your living room, a good mirror spot is directly above the mantle. This creates a sharp-looking focal point that catches the eye and brings the space together.

3. Bedroom

The bedroom is where you always want to feel relaxed and at home. As you probably know by now, that’s just what rustic design is for. Hanging a medium-sized mirror above your bed can produce a nice visual; however, if you want more functionality, consider a long or standing mirror.

4. Home Office

It’s the nature of the beast for most of us: Work causes stress. If you have the ability to work from home, why hang out somewhere that hinders productivity? A small, dark workspace is not going to keep you firing on all cylinders.

Rustic mirrors can do wonders for the home office, bringing in more light and giving you the feeling there’s more room to “breathe”. What’s more, when you add matching furnishings and desk accessories, you get cohesiveness. For many folks, this helps with focus.

As an example, a naturally shed antler mirror is well accentuated by Native American patterns and taxidermy pieces. Also, the addition of a horse lamp makes for a great conversation starter.

This kind of setup gives you a warmness, but it doesn’t compromise a rugged, professional look. It’s perfect for making calls and closing deals.

5. Rustic Mirrors in the Hallways and Staircases

Hallways and staircases tend to be a bit narrow which makes them ideal candidates for rustic mirrors. Generally speaking, designers typically recommend mirrors be placed along the side walls of hallways and at the landing of staircases.

As for what kind of mirror works here, naturally shed antlers make another appearance. (As you can see, it’s a versatile piece.)

Make It Your Own

For over 30 years, Antèks Home Furnishings has been a go-to source for rustic and western design; however, just remember that what we’ve given you are suggestions. Ultimately, the home is where your heart is. Go with what speaks to you.

If you’d like to talk to us about rustic furniture and design, give us a call at 214-528-5567. Or, if you’d like to see some rustic mirrors up-close and in person, visit our Dallas showroom at 1135 Dragon Street.