Interior Color Designs | Let Antèks Add a Little Color to your Life

Anteks and Anteks Curated, offer such a beautiful variety of new and vintage items.  These items have the ability to inspire you and be a wonderful conversation piece for the people you bring around them. If you are looking for something to liven up your space, look no further than Anteks!

Interior color designs play an important role in the identity of your home or office space. Colors can make us feel happy or sad.  They can make us feel hungry or relaxed. It’s good to understand the effects colors might have on an average person.

Red, Orange, and Yellow are all warm colors, and often evoke feelings of happiness, optimism, and energy.

interior color designs
leather chairs and colorful rug

Cool colors include Green, Blue, and Purple. Cool colors are usually calming and soothing. Purple is often used to help spark creativity, because its a mixture of blue (calm) and red (intense.)

interior color designs
weekend accessories including Pendleton and Filson

Neutral colors include black, gray, white, tan and brown. These colors are great as background colors. Use black, gray and white when using brighter colors. If you are using textures, then incorporate tan and brown as your backdrop.

western interior design
rustic living space

Let us liven up your space!