Rustic Bathroom Accessories: Tips On Redesigning Your Bathroom

A bathroom is sometimes the last room in the house people wait to redesign, but it’s a place in your house you use the most. Whether it’s doing your makeup or taking a shower. Your bathroom should have lots of storage of options, rustic bathroom accessories, and all the necessities a bathroom needs. Our blog highlights how you can redesign your bathroom with touches of rustic bathroom accessories.

Rustic Bathroom Accessories: The Essentials

Rustic Mirror

Some rustic accessories you see in bathrooms are mirrors, candles and bathroom rugs. However, you don’t have to go with the “Plain Jane” rustic bathroom accessories that came with your house. Instead of keeping your built-in mirror, add a mirror that looks rustic! The simplicity of this rustic bathroom mirror helps tie together any bathroom it’s placed in. When redesigning, you want to make sure you’re not throwing too many random colors into your rustic bathroom design. Mirrors like the one pictured above help create subtlety. However, you can add colors with rugs and shower curtains, but keep some elements neutral to help tie in all the bathroom pieces.

Maximizing Your Storage

Rustic Bathroom Accessores | Anteks Home

All bathrooms need storage; a place for storing your garments, makeup essentials, colognes, cleaning supplies, and more! If you’re limited on drawers, get a dresser or a storage ladder like the image featured for more bathroom space. Storage doesn’t have to be bulky and take up room. There are lots of great rustic options to design your bathroom. The image featured from Eyagci has minimalistic storage that doesn’t take up too much room and is slimming in your bathroom. It’s not bulky and crowded and adds a nice rustic touch. Adding in a hamper or basket below could give you added space for your garments/laundry and other bathroom essentials.

Rustic Jewelry Holders

Rustic Bathroom Accessores | Anteks Home

When picking out rustic bathroom accessories, you want to add your finishing touch and style. These minor accessories are the cherries on top of your final bathroom design. For example, this beautiful round bowl adds an accent to your bathroom to hold your jewelry, glasses, or knick-knacks. However, you want to make sure that this bowl doesn’t get overcrowded with junk from your bathroom. If you are using it for jewelry, don’t dump every piece of jewelry you own in here. Make it clean and only have the jewelry you wear every day that you take off before going to bed and put in this unique holder.

Rustic Candle Holders

Rustic Bathroom Accessores | Anteks Home

Other finishing touches include adding candles and candle holders to keep your bathroom smelling nice and fresh. These candle holders bring vibrancy to your bathroom if you have light colored counters and cabinets. You want to make sure you contrast your rustic bathroom accessories to your countertops. If you have light walls and countertops, you can brighten up your bathroom with darker accessories. However, if you already have dark countertops, design your bathroom with lighter bathroom accessories. Your bathroom should have the perfect balance of dark and light shades. If it gets too dark, it can look small, unless you’re trying to go for a dim light ambiance.

Accessorize with Artwork

Artwork and pictures are the final finishing touches to your bathroom. Your artwork says a lot about your personality and design style. Your artwork doesn’t necessarily have to be physical art, and it can also include wall decor like adding more mirrors or shelves to make your bathroom more personable. If you have a smaller bathroom, adding more mirrors can make it appear larger. Adding shelves is a great way to decorate as well as creating more storage.

You can also add art pieces to bring out a pop of color or photo frames with pictures of your family.  Adding artwork and decor is a great way to end your bathroom design with a pop of personality.

The Perfect Rustic Bathroom

With our tips above, your bathroom will scream rustic. At Anteks we breathe rustic and interior designing. We love helping you bring out your personality in all areas of your home. People often see the bathroom as the last area to design, but we like to take your entire home into consideration. From giving you ideas on more storage, to wall colors and looking at all accessories, we make sure your bathroom feels comfortable and spacious for everyone to use.

Get in touch with us at our showroom for more tips and ideas for your next bathroom or home redecoration! We love turning our client’s dream decor into a reality, with the best rustic bathroom accessories.