Rustic Patio Furniture: 7 Ways to Revamp Your Patio

Nothing says summer like rustic patio furniture to enjoy on your patio or porch. Now that beautiful weather has approached us, and we find ourselves wanting to spend more time outside of our homes and in the great outdoors. For that reason, it is essential to spruce up your patio to make it feel like an outdoor escape. Gain the ultimate summer patio inspiration with our seven tips to revamp your patio with decór and rustic patio furniture.

1. Add Outdoor String Lights for Your Patio

rustic patio lights

String lights can be a great addition to your patio for both decorative and functional reasons. They add a sense of ambiance to your patio while lighting the scene for a cozy night outside. You could hang patio lighting from your patio ceiling, the walls, or even the columns that would add some light, both figuratively and literally to your home patio. String lights are available in many different colors, shapes, and sizes. Your choice of lighting should be dependent on the ambiance you would like to create outside. These lights serve as a simple, yet powerful starting point for revamping your patio.

2. Dine with Rustic Patio Furniture

Rustic Patio furniture | Anteks Home

Rustic patio furniture presents an excellent opportunity to gather the whole family outside for an outdoor dining experience. By utilizing your patio, you can reinvent this dining experience in an adventurous way without even leaving your home! A rustic dining table will provide a chance for you to have your friends and loved ones altogether to create memories while enjoying the beautiful weather. Rustic patio furniture will add a classic look to your outdoor space that provides comfort and functionality. You can place your outdoor dining table on your porch or your pergola.

3. Patio Plants: The More, The Merrier

rustic patio plants

Create a garden-like scene of your own with various plants and flowers to brighten up your porch or patio. You can utilize the spaces outdoors by using plants to compliment your furniture. Take it one step further by adding a potting station or small garden where you can grow your favorite flowers, vegetables, and herbs. By growing your vegetables and herbs, you’ll have the perfect talking point when you mention that the dinner at a party you’re having includes herbs from your garden! Plants like Lavender, Lemongrass, Rosemary, and Marigolds are not only great to plant for the summer but are also known to fend off mosquitos.

4. Outdoor Patio Color Schemes: Get Cozy with Neutrals

Rustic Patio furniture | Anteks Home

The colors you choose for your patio furniture can make a significant impact on the setting you are envisioning to create. Use neutral-colored chairs and sofas to create a warm and inviting environment for your guests. Neutral furniture pieces also allow for any of your accent pieces and other decors of your choosing to stand out as a pop of color. Keeping neutral pieces will help you keep up with seasons and trends without breaking the bank. Changing small decorations and accent pieces can customize the same outdoor furniture sets to match any season or holiday you decide to decorate for.  

5. Rustic Patio Rugs: Start from the Floor Up

Rustic patio rugs

Despite the finishing on your deck or patio, area rugs can be an easy way to bring the comfort outside. Adding a statement piece to your ground space can set the tone for the whole patio. Patio rugs will help divide and frame the living spaces you intend to create outside. You can use an area rug that will complement your rustic patio furniture or a carpet that matches the color scheme of your choosing. Be sure to choose a rug that is suitable for outside. We recommend choosing natural handwoven materials that will be durable for all types of weather conditions.

6. Small Spaces: Solutions for Your Patio

small patio spaces

If your home is smaller in size and does not have an expansive outdoor space, bistro sets or lighter furniture can be used to make an area of any size feel like home. By taking advantage of these small spaces, you can still enjoy the outdoors from a small porch or apartment patio. Look for thinner and less-bulky rustic patio furniture and decor pieces that will allow the most room for relaxation. To keep a garden look, you can buy hanging planters for your flowers and plants to free up ground space. Remember that mirrors can be used to make a room or outdoor area seem much larger. By strategically placing a decorative but durable mirror on a smaller patio, you can instantly add to its visual size.

7. Patio Fire Pit: Cuddle Up with Your Loved Ones

patio fire pit

Extend your patio use outside of the summer months by adding a fire pit to your backyard. This rustic statement piece can serve as a means of staying warm in those brisk fall and winter nights and will transform your outdoor area into a comfortable family space all year round. If you don’t have the space for an outdoor dining table, a fire pit can act as a centerpiece to build your patio escape

around. Add a Pendleton blanket to keep warm on the coldest nights, and make campfire style s’mores any night to complete your cozy outdoor evening.

Summer is a season to spend outdoors celebrating with friends and family. Antèks Home Furnishings can help you create your perfect scene to enjoy those summer days and nights. Rustic furniture has stood the test of time to provide a feeling of home, but on the outside. With these seven tips, we hope you’re inspired to revamp your outdoor areas and maximize your relaxation time.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas! Comment below and let us know how you utilize your patio and outdoor spaces! Do you have any tips we didn’t mention? Tell us your patio go-to pieces below.