Taxidermy Today

From Vanity Fair to the Huffington Post, taxidermy designs are becoming quite the hot topic again.

We read that “Long associated with hunting lodges and ski cabins, taxidermy is increasingly popping up in surprising new places. From hipster bars in New York and Seattle to palatial Hollywood homes and Dallas-area mansions, a mounted antelope head or a zebra-skin rug is seemingly all the rage. “

At Anteks and Anteks Curated we have quite the selection for all types of animal lovers! Come and see these beauties in person!

animals in a canoe
taxidermy foxes
two foxes on a log
taxidermy raccoons
four raccoons on driftwood
taxidermy, fawn and wildcat
fawn, and wildcat
taxidermy raccoons
two raccoons in a canoe
taxidermy bear
taxidermy fox