Ways to Use Rustic Outdoor Furniture to Create the Perfect Space

What do you like to do on a gorgeous day? Do you take the boat out on the lake? How about a trek into the woods to rub elbows with wildlife? Or, perhaps you just want to relish the outdoors from the comfort of your own home. For many folks, home is where the heart is, and the best way to appreciate nature is within a few feet of their front (or back) door. If this sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place! Antéks Home Furnishings is a leading provider of rustic outdoor furniture. We have a large inventory of pieces featuring natural elements and design (i.e. stones, woods, leathers, and earthy colors).

We can help you create the perfect space for lounging and entertaining in the sun (or moon). From the back patio to the fire pit, several areas can be transformed into an open-air oasis.

Rustic Outdoor Furniture Quality

Before designing your outdoor space, there’s one important thing to remember: Be sure to use furniture that is made for long periods outside. Too often, people buy items that are either low quality or not treated to withstand the elements. The problem here is twofold: First, continuously replacing worn-out pieces is expensive; and secondly, poor design and damage could cause discomfort in the least and injury at the most.  

At Antéks, all of our rustic outdoor furniture is designed and built to last in an outside setting. We’re adamant about providing customers with products they can enjoy for years to come.

A Social Spot

Who says you have to go to a bar for happy hour? Your deck or patio can become a warm and welcoming area for friends to gather and have a drink.

To create a laid-back social space, consider a bar table with swivel stools. We suggest that both the table and stools be made with a sturdy wood like hickory or teak since they look great against stone patio flooring. Also, a woven back on the stool adds a nice touch. As far as height goes, consider a table that will go with a 41 to 45-inch stool.

Rustic Outdoor Furniture for Dinnertime

 When the dinner bell starts ringing, there’s no need to tear yourself away from the fresh air. If your deck, patio, or porch has the room for a full dining set, we suggest a table and chairs constructed from the same type of wood. The chairs can add a splash of color or contrast with woven seats. Also, a long, rectangular table adds an extra kick of elegance.

What’s more, if you have the right lighting, you can generate an inviting and intimate atmosphere. Generally speaking, you want warm lighting with golden tones since it complements the design elements of rustic outdoor furniture.

A Party By The Pool

It is possible to extend your design beyond the patio or porch. If you and/or your loved ones are aquaphiles, you can easily move the whole party over to the pool.

There are lounger sets that include the lounge chairs and side tables. It’s not hard to find a set that’s made with solid wood so it matches the table and chairs you have in your dining area.

Lounging By The Fire

When the sun goes down and there’s a slight chill in the air, it’s the perfect time for a fire. Typically, you want comfortable seating since coziness is at the crux of an outdoor fire pit area. You want to feel like you can curl up in a blanket and sip on a warm beverage. 

Rustic outdoor furniture pairs well with stone and metal fire pits. Specifically, wooden deck chairs are an excellent choice. They’re sturdy, stylish, and they don’t compromise comfort. When designed right, they allow users to effortlessly lean back and relax.

Relaxing On The Porch

After a long day, it’s nice to have a place to completely unwind. Picture it: A light breeze slowly rocks you back and forth as birds lightly chirp in the distance. Doesn’t that sound lovely? 

The key to relaxation is a pleasant and comfy ambiance; a rustic design is ideal for this. One of our favorite pieces is a one-of-a-kind twig porch swing with cushion and pillows. Or, if you like to feel your feet on the ground, rocking chairs are also a great addition. 

Accessories To Complete The Design 

Once you have an idea of the furniture you’re using, it’s also important to pick accessories. The right pieces should not only bring in textures to round out all your spaces but also they should reflect your personality. When it comes to a rustic motif, many accessories work well:

  •     Plants and flowers
  •     Antler wall sconces and candle holders
  •     Pendleton blankets
  •     Animal fur throws
  •     Accent pillows with Native American patterns
  •     Antler bar and barbecue tools
  •     Wildlife dinnerware sets

If You Need Assistance…

Get in touch with Antéks! In addition to rustic outdoor furniture, we provide top-notch design services. We can help you plan your rustic design and bring it to fruition!