Western Style Furniture Ideas For Every Room In Your Home

Ahh, the wild west… A simpler time of Cowboys and Indians, where Man (and Woman!) had to wrestle with the elements to carve out a living. Life may have been simpler in the American West, but it sure wasn’t easier — endless days of backbreaking labor takes a toll eventually. Fortunately, you no longer need to spend your days wrangling cattle, chopping wood, and fending off bandits to survive. With determination and a basic understanding of interior design (as it relates to the western style furniture), you can bring the wild, wild west into your own home.

To pay homage to this unforgettable chapter of our shared American history, all you need are the right materials. From rustic furniture like vintage leather armchairs to Western-style furniture, this post will help you find western interior design ideas for every room of your home.

A Living, Breathing Living Room

A better, more accurate name for the most frequented room in your home is the den. Traditionally cozy, these rooms are meant to inspire comfort and warmth, keeping you safe throughout the long winter. With the western style, this homey aesthetic comes naturally.



Western Style Furniture: Choosing the right western style furniture pieces is the most important part of the wild west transformation. They’re what you’ll be sitting, resting, living on, so pairing beauty with durability is key. One of the best ways to do that is through naturally-occurring materials. Think deep, rich wooden furniture combined with animal products (such as cowhide, leather, or antler). These natural elements can make a long-lasting impression and last a long time! Animal pelts can be used as blankets, carpets, and can even be hung on the wall as a statement piece.

If you want more of the west and less of the wild, add patterns. Classic Native American designs and stitchwork can be incorporated in your rugs, throws, and even in your leather sofa upholstery. The bold red and cool sand colors draw the eye, making guests and homeowners alike marvel at the beautiful cultures that inspired it. Additionally, they can break up a room that may be a little too dark or monotonous.

Artwork: Art comes in a myriad of forms, each as valuable and meaningful as the next, yet each form is entirely dependent on personal preference. Think about what form of art you like the most and go from there: do you prefer paintings or sculptures? What about wall hangings or carvings? When choosing home furnishings for a western home, focus on those natural elements, such as bone, wood, and wildlife itself.

Paintings of birds, soaring over those orange desert sands, or herds of bison crossing the plains would be perfect for accentuating the rustic furniture you’ve chosen. The southern states — Texas especially — boast a variety of game animals. Incorporating antlers (perhaps in light fixtures, candlesticks, or one incredibly ornate chandelier) can remind you of just how close that wildlife is, allowing you to appreciate it firsthand. Many dens have hearths where hunting trophies such as stag heads and small stuffed animals can be proudly displayed. Even if you didn’t capture them yourself, can add depth and feeling to the room with these statement pieces.

Dine In with Western Style Furniture

Interior design, especially when it comes to western style furniture, gets easier when you’ve already tackled the most popular room — you need to pull what you know and what you like with you to the rest of your home. Keeping those natural elements flowing from each room will create a seamless look as you (and any guests) travel throughout your home.

Western Style Furniture for the Dining Room: When you think about it, wood and leather were the two most accessible items cowboys and those living in the Old West had to work with. It makes absolute sense that smooth, thick leather armchairs (yes, even in the dining room) and vibrant rustic furniture should be all around you. Reclaimed wood is perfect as well: transform an old, worn barn door into a warm and colorful pantry door, or utilize driftwood as tabletop artwork.

Your dining room table is one of the biggest pieces of furniture in your home, and one of the most used — it should look like it deserves all the attention it’s getting. The best western style dining tables are built from a massive, single slab of wood that has been polished and stained (sometimes so extensively that it seems like its rings are positively bursting out of it). This bold wooden table should be the center of your dining room’s interior design. Those kind of tables, especially the ones that still have their rigid and uneven bark on the edges, are natural wonders and will be spoken about as such.

Artwork: Since your dining room sees the most amount of food, gearing the attitude of your interior design around that theme (within reason, of course) makes inherent sense. The use of Native American bowls and dishes, displayed either in ornate, rich wooden hutches or on warmly-stained side tables, inspires visions of the way life used to be: simple, yet made and looked after with great care.

As always, antlers are welcome! You can use these pieces as curtain tiebacks or in the handles of your silverware. The versatility of stag antlers is truly remarkable when it comes to western interior design. Additionally, bison or buffalo horns can make an excellent shelf and tabletop pieces. Finally, this would be the perfect opportunity to put that antler chandelier to good use.

I Dream Of Cowboys, Not Genie

The master bedroom: a retreat from the home as much as the home is a retreat from life. When things get just a little too hectic, maybe because it’s the holidays and your home is suddenly flooded with relatives, or you need a moment to yourself, the master bedroom is the place to go. Personal in every aspect of the word, the decoration, and design of this room changes from person to person. As long as warm wood and nature prevail, you won’t lose the western style any time soon.

Western Bedroom Furniture: Do you prefer books or movies? Will your master bedroom hold shelves of well-worn and well-loved books, delicately placed and arranged in golden-brown wooden bookcases, or will you feature a leather sofa (complete with its own 60 inch TV, of course) in the center of the room? Antique rocking chairs are especially lovely for those gloomy, rainy days where the only thing you seem to want to do is to sit and watch it fall against the windows. And don’t forget, you need a cozy, woolen throw blanket with its own dazzling Native American patterns.

Artwork: The art in your master bedroom should be what brings you peace. Whether that’s paintings of prairies and Native American culture or lassos proudly displayed, you have the freedom to do what you want. Make your lamps and light fixtures come alive through the use of animal horns and — you guessed it — antlers! Your bedroom can be your game room, showing off all the beasts you’ve bested throughout your life. It can also be decorated wall-to-wall with your own personal collection of Native American beads and knitwear.

You have everything you need to create the wild west home of your dreams; it’s time to wrangle your ideas and inspirations and get to work. While transforming your home’s interior design to pay homage to the Wild West may seem like a huge task, it doesn’t have to be! With the right western home furnishings and rustic furniture, even small changes can have a transformative effect.

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